Teen Speak

A how-to guide for real talks with teens about sex, drugs and other risky behaviors.

1 out of every 10 youth report not having a trusted adult in their lives. These youth engage in risk behaviors at higher rates than their peers who identify a trusted adult.

Family closeness and attachment has been shown to be the most important factor associated with decreased drug use, delayed initiation of sex and fewer suicide attempts.

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Tips and Tools

View, share and keep these infographics handy that share how to have "the talk" with teens, and 4 tips for real talks with teens about sex, drugs and other risky behaviors.

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Companion Workbook

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  • “My go-to guide for real world parenting”

  • “A ‘What to Expect’ for teens.”

  • “Dr. Salerno is the teen whisperer!”

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The Teen Speak Series Includes:


How-To-Guide Online Learning Modules

A detailed road map for parents towards:

  • Understanding adolescent development
  • Using adolescent-specific communication strategies
  • Supporting the day-to-day experience of parenting teens


The Companion

With real-word scenarios and role-play suggestions, this companion workbook offers a real world tool for practicing and refining the strategies presented in Teen Speak.


Training of Trainers
(TOT) Parent Workshops

Comprehensive TOT and a step-by-step trainer’s guide equip facilitators to conduct Teen Speak workshops for parents.

TOT facilitators are provided access to training presentation, supporting materials and discounted Teen Speak books and workbooks.