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Adolescent-focused Motivational Interviewing (MI): Making the case for more effective communication with youth

A review of data reveals that mental health risk is the largest determinant of a youth’s participation in other unhealthy risk behaviors. Youth report significantly fewer mental health related concerns with a trusted adult in their lives.

Evaluating youth risk assessment options – criteria for consideration

Organizations looking to implement a risk assessment process have a lot to consider – including post-assessment counseling, workflow, managing confidentiality and addressing parental concerns. Here are some criteria to help you get started in evaluating risk assessment options.

The Science of Youth Risk Assessment

This whitepaper presents the latest science in youth risk assessment – tackling questions like: What do leading health organizations like the CDC recommend for risk assessment? How can an assessment developed in-house impact risk identification? What should you be looking for in terms of validity and reliability measures? And why do they matter for youth risk assessment?

Connect Spartanburg: Sexual Health Case Study

Innovative pairing of ACT for Sexual Health technology with Community Health Worker model improves adolescent sexual health.

Infographic: Identifying and Reducing Adolescent Risk Behaviors

School-Based and Linked Health Centers across Michigan have implemented standardized risk screening using the RAAPS cloud-based system to identify risky behaviors and provide risk reduction counseling. Learn more about the risks and trends identified as a result of this collaborative effort.

Enhancing and Automating Workflows

This infographic walks you through the five easy steps to enhance and automate your workflow with RAAPS and ACT—and the critical roles the provider, clinical support staff, parent and adolescent patient have in improving adolescent health.

Adolescent Mental Health White Paper

A view of data revealing that mental health is the largest determinant of an adolescent’s participation in other unhealthy risk behaviors. Yet adolescents report significantly fewer mental health related concerns with a trusted adult in their lives.

Sexual Health Risk and American Adolescents - White Paper

A review of the disparities and behaviors that contribute most to sexual risk among American Adolescents, the evidence for change - AND how we can make a difference.

Risky Business on Campus - eBook

Explore the top 10 Key Consideration for identifying risk behaviors of college students and how you can enhance your services to positively impact campus trends.

Center for Family Health Case Study

Discover how the RAAPS survey gets inside the heads of teens who don't discuss risks on their own.

Chemawa Indian Health Center Case Study

Find out how RAAPS is making an immediate impact to high-risk Native American teens.

A Public Health Capacity Building Case Study

A high school in Cincinnati, Ohio is empowering students and creating opportunities despite the odds through the RAAPS Public Health system.

Henry Ford Health System Case Study

RAAPS is giving a school-based health center a more effective way to assess teen risk.

Medical Health Associates Clinic Case Study

Discover how a primary care health center is finding success through in depth-tracking, reporting and support teens want through the RAAPS system.

Michigan Department of Community Health Case Study

Learn how RAAPS is helping to meet challenges of risk assessment in Michigan's school-based health centers.

RAAPS Public Health Case Study

Explore how RAAPS-PH showed the depth and breadth of threats that urban minority youth face living under persistent conditions of poverty.

Workflows that Work Case Study

Examine the experience of three very difference primary care practices and the providers who have successfully navigated the process of workflow integration with RAAPS.

School Health Alliance Case Study

View a case study that share integrating the RAAPS system across school-based health centers in North Carolina.