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Possibilities for Change is helping providers and professionals develop a trusting relationship with their patients.

Working with Youth and Young Adults

Health care providers and professionals play a critical role when it comes to adolescent health. Connecting with teens in a meaningful way to identify their risk behaviors and provide effective counseling is a challenge. But today’s healthcare reality makes it even harder—with shorter visit times, complex regulatory requirements, and ever-increasing preventive care recommendations. In the busy, chaotic healthcare ecosystem, they need an easy-to-use, integrated platform that patients understand.

RAAPS addresses these unique provider challenges and helps you build a connection with your adolescent population by:

  • Eliminating barriers – bridging language & literacy gaps
  • Minimizing workflow impact - saving precious time for providers and staff
  • Ensuring consistent, evidence-based care – with a standardized, validated assessment and tailored health messaging
  • Providing resources to increase counseling effectiveness

Because provider comfort level and knowledge can vary from one risk topic to another, RAAPS provides evidence based talking points to support counseling across a wide range of risk behaviors – from LGBT issues to self-injury, anger management, and sexual abuse.

And in our current mandatory-reporting, performance-based world, RAAPS provides the data you need to prove outcomes – tracking at-risk teens as well as individual and population improvements over time.


  • Health Plan & Provider implications of New Adolescent Risk Screening Guidelines

  • A Primary Care Response to Adolescent Sexual Health Risks

Enhancing and Automating Workflows

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Case Studies

Workflows that Work:

This case study examines the experience of three very different primary care practices and the providers who have successfully navigated the process of workflow integration with RAAPS, including the best practices and lessons learned along the way to address the unique barriers in adolescent risk assessment.

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Medical Associates Clinic, Dubuque, Iowa

"RAAPS was initiated at Medical Associates because of a need to address risky behaviors that often went undiagnosed and unknown. Since starting to use RAAPS, Meyer said many teens have commented that she discovered a lot about them — including information they often don't share when they are 'just talked to'"

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Center for Family Health - FQHC, Jackson, MI

"Teens don't bring up issues of risk on their own; the RAAPS allow us to get inside the heads of our teens. Teens like the privacy of RAAPS and expect an electronic format to answer questions. Overall, the RAAPS system has become a "must-have application" for the center - a critical factor in achieving its goals and objectives."

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