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Oakland County Moms

“I’m in love.” Dr. Salerno explains how this disclosure can become a gateway to help your teen make healthy decisions about relationships.

Oakland County Moms

Jennifer expounds on how to “talk the talk” and “walk the walk” with your teen in the Children’s Health Foundation Summer 2017 Newsletter.

Oakland County Moms

Teens often feel higher levels of stress than adults. Find out why, and how you can help them cope in Dr. Salerno’s latest guest post in Bonnie Harris’ Connective Parenting blog.

Oakland County Moms

Dr. Salerno authors an article in the Children’s Health Foundation’s Spring 2017 newsletter, sharing how physical and cognitive development influences emotional and sexual development.

Oakland County Moms

Jennifer shares three tried-and-true techniques that clinicians use to engage their tween patients, which work just as well (if not better) for parents who want to have real conversations with their tweens about feelings of stress.

Oakland County Moms

Tips for eliminating harmful, frustrating, (even dangerous) behaviors using communication methods.


Dr. Jennifer Salerno's latest guest blog for ETR highlights the importance of engaging adolescents in open discussions about sex, plus findings from a recent sexual health pilot study.

Parent Herald

The Parent Herald sits down with Dr. Salerno to uncover how parents can help teenage kids cope with feelings of stress and depression during the holidays.

Oakland County Moms

Jennifer gives communication tips for teen's attitudes in her latest guest post in
Oakland County Mom.

Canada's leading parenting expert, Alyson Schafer highlights Teen Speak in her December 2016 newsletter, calling it a unique book on communicating with your teen.

Jennifer's blog about "things you never want to hear from your teen"
appeared in Being a Mom.

In Between Years logo

Jennifer says knowing how to effectively engage in a two-way communication that encourages trust and honesty is a parent's greatest asset in supporting their child throughout the teen years. Read more of her interview with InBetweenYears.

Jennifer answers the questions, "Is my teen normal?" and "Why are they so moody?" in the Children Health Foundation's newsletter, Take Care.

Oakland County Moms

An Oakland County mom herself, Dr. Jennifer Salerno explains the science behind the adolescent brain and the trigger behind those slammed doors and dreaded one-syllable responses via Oakland County Mom's blog.

Aha! Parenting logo

Clinical psychologist, founding editor of and author of two best-selling parenting books, Dr. Laura Markham calls Teen Speak one of the best books on parenting teens.

University of Michigan School of Nursing

Teen Speak is highlighted in the University of Michigan's Alumni Accolades & Authors "News at a Glance."

Today Parenting team

Via Today Parents, Jennifer explains why your teen is not listening to you.

J-Man and Miller Bug

Mommy blogger gives an honest review on Teen Speak and how it's helping her improve her relationship with her teen son.


Jennifer shares a roadmap for educators, youth service providers and parents that leads to better communication with teens.

Healthy Teen Network

Dr. Jennifer Salerno gives parents advice on how to "give the talk" via a guest blog on Healthy Teen Network.

Metro Detroit Mommy

Dr. Jennifer Salerno guest blogs on Metro Detroit Mommy, sharing 4 tips for talking with your teen about risky behaviors.

Our Children Logo

Dr. Jennifer Salerno shares tips on talking with teens about time management in "Our Children," that National PTA's voice for parents.

Center for Parenting Education

Center for Parenting Education recommends Teen Speak as a parenting book on the topics of adolescents and sexuality.

School-Based Health Alliance

The School-Based Health Alliance presents Teen Speak as a valuable resource for school-based health providers.

Press Releases

Sexual Health Risk Disparities Identified in Underserved Youth

Significant Outcomes in Mental Health, Distracted Driving, Eating Disorders and Exercise

Adolescent Risk Behaviors Reduced In Michigan's School-Based And Linked Health Centers

Significant Outcomes in Mental Health, Distracted Driving, Eating Disorders and Exercise

Possibilities For Change Expands Adolescent Assessment To Identify Risk Behaviors In Ages 9-24

Leading Provider of Teen Risk Assessment Launches Two New Products to Address Unique Needs and Risk Behaviors in Older-child and Young-adult Populations.

Dr. Jennifer Salerno, Founder Of Possibilities For Change, Invited To Participate In Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Think Tank

National Thought Leaders to Address the Role of Adolescent Health and Preventive care in PCMH

RAAPS Receives Award for Innovative Approaches to Adolescent Health

Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine honors Dr. Jennifer Salerno’s ‘outstanding original and innovative’ teen risk assessment tool

A 5-minute Electronic Survey Could Save Your Child's Life

New Ann Arbor company licenses proven, innovative adolescent health risk assessment tool to schools, physicians, social workers nationwide