Motivational Interviewing Training

A health professional skilled in Motivational Interviewing (MI) can create an environment that allows youth to disclose information about their risk behaviors, improve their motivation to change and to seek advice on how to do so.

Challenges to Adolescent Behavior Change

A professional’s lack of skills and confidence are the biggest barriers to providing effective risk reduction counseling to teens. Giving information alone is not enough to promote behavior change and often causes more resistance in teens

Applying Motivational Interviewing

Learning how to apply MI in real-world practice requires a hands-on and interactive approach. We have developed an integrated one-day training that builds from an interactive online learning module, which is completed prior to the onsite training. The workshop is facilitated by seasoned clinicians with experience in adolescent behavior change and motivational interviewing. Participants are eligible to receive CME and CE credits upon completion.

The dynamic and engaging workshop experience is filled with real life examples, video demonstrations, observations, role plays and group activities. Participants are given materials for use in clinical settings and recommendations for continuing MI education.


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After Attending the MI Workshop…

What are Participants Saying About the MI Workshop?

“This training totally changed how I talk with my teen patients. I can already see the difference it is making in their attitudes and what they shate with me!”
- Las Vegas, NV

“I have been through a lot of trainings and this training really blew me away. I believe this was one of the best trainings that I have attended, giving me practical tools to take back and use with teens.”
- Bronx, NY

“The trainers did an excellent job with modeling, teaching, and practicing skills and techniques alongside participants.”
- Flint, MI

Motivational Interviewing in Action—Talking With Not At Your Teen