Possibilities for Change serves providers and professionals, School Based Health Centers and colleges with tools and resources to identify and reduce risky behaviors in teens.

School-Based Health Centers

School-Based Health Centers overcome barriers that young people face in receiving health care. Partnering with Possibilities for Change, SBHC across the United States are using RAAPS and ACT to successfully identify and reduce risk behaviors for their students and showcase their outcomes.

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Many young adults who attend college are quickly exposed to the social and cultural pressures that come with leaving home and going off to school. College is often a breeding ground for risky behaviors involving unprotected sex, drugs and binge drinking. The transition to college life can also cause feelings of anxiety and depression. Studies show that new risky behaviors are more likely to be adopted during significant life changes.

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Providers & Professionals

Providers face a revolving and increasing number of challenges when it comes to identifying and reducing risky behavior in teens. With the healthcare reform (from ACOs to PCMH), new preventive care and assessment guidelines, performance-based reimbursement, and associated reporting requirements, they all add up to less revenue, less time, and more demands.

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