Marrying technology and science, ACT is a behavioral health intervention delivered via a virtual health educator.

Health Professional View: Comprehensive Sexual Health History Review

Health Professional View: Safer Sex Action Plan

How ACT Works

On a tablet, smartphone or other technology, teens respond to a set of questions that identify risk behaviors in either sexual health or tobacco use. Through the module, users participate in interactive, tailored, evidence-based counseling for safer sexual behaviors or decreased tobacco use.


  • Comfort and confidentiality. Youth can sometimes feel uncomfortable responding to face-to-face questions about their sexual behaviors or tobacco use. Numerous studies confirm that youth are more honest about their behaviors when using technology with no judgmental faces or tones coming back at them.
  • Engagement. Technology offers interactivity and individualization that increase engagement.
  • Ongoing support and text communication. Teens have high cell phone ownership and a preference for text communication. Studies confirm the effectiveness of text messaging to support identified behavior changes.
  • Real-time, prioritized insights. At-a-glance data dashboards allow more focused and effective discussions, as well as ease of tracking and documentation to support ongoing behavior change.


Want to learn more? Watch ACT webinars led by Dr. Jennifer Salerno.


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