About Us

We believe all organizations serving adolescents and young adults should have access to the tools they need to provide quality care and affect positive change.

We started with innovation and passion

As a Nurse Practitioner and Director of the University of Michigan School-Based Health Center program, Dr. Jennifer Salerno faced the daily challenge of identifying and reducing risky behaviors among the youth she served. She lacked the necessary tools, technology and systems to pinpoint potential issues and effectively create change. Considering nearly 75% of serious injury and adolescent death is a result of preventable, risky behaviors, Jennifer knew something needed to be done. There needed to be a change.

Out of that experience, Possibilities for Change was born. With her team of advisors, medical professionals, and most importantly, adolescents, Jennifer developed the initial RAAPS risk screening system while at the University of Michigan. She then started Possibilities for Change in order to expand access to RAAPS outside of UM and provide professionals with the training, tools and systems necessary to identify and reduce risk behaviors.

Possibilities for Change is about identifying risks, improving outcomes and changing lives.

Transforming adolescent health through the development of state of the art health care delivery systems designed to support the professional workforce and empower adolescents and their families.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Salerno, Founder

Jennifer Salerno, DNP, CPNP, FAANP, is a nurse practitioner, author, speaker and founder of Possibilities for Change. With more than 20 years’ experience working with diverse adolescent populations, she has served as a board member and advisor on many state and national organizations and initiatives to improve adolescent health. She received the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine’s Hilary E. C. Millar Award for Innovative Approaches to Adolescent Health Care for her work developing the nation’s leading adolescent risk screening system, the Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services (RAAPS).

With her husband, daughter, and son she loves exploring the country biking, hiking, and skiing.

Global Footprint

Thousands of School-Based Health Centers, colleges, providers and professionals around the world are leveraging RAAPS, ACT or Motivational Interview Training to improve adolescent health in their practice or program.